Here’s Why You Should Switch to Gel Eyeliners

It’s time to face some cold hard facts. Achieving a flawless winged eyeliner with liquid eyeliner has always been the Mount Everest of our beauty routines. With liquid eyeliners, one wrong stroke during a rush hour touch-up and you need to start all over again. Sigh. Even in pen form, liquid eyeliners can be pretty tricky to use. Gel eyeliners, on the other hand, are much easier to remove, have far better consistency and dry almost instantly.

So take it from us. Gel eyeliner is the elusive eyeliner formula you’ve been looking for. Why? Well, it will give you a perfect, smudge-free line every single time. Which is what we’re all looking for when it comes to eyeliners, right? Right.

Here are some must-know tips for using gel eyeliners that will better your eyeliner game for good. Basically, they’ll make you actually look forward to swiping eyeliner on every day. And maybe again at night. Whether cool cat eyes are your signature look or you prefer a strong swipe of eyeliner to just define your eyes. Or maybe you’re simply trying to copy the absolute freshest flicks spotted on the latest runways. No matter. We’ve definitely got you and your eyes covered.