The Best Tea Tree Oil-Based Products to Invest in This Winter

From acne to discoloration, if it’s a skin-related issue, there’s definitely a tea tree oil solution. Very few ingredients are as versatile as tea tree oil. This skin-saving superstar can dry up blemishes and hydrate parched skin. As long as it’s paired with the right ingredients, of course. Oh, and did we mention it has a fresh, crisp scent? So we embarked on a mission to hunt down the top tea tree oil-based products.

Tea tree oil has awesome anti-inflammatory properties. It is actually an all-natural oil distilled from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia plant. While it can be applied in almost any form, some skin specialists recommend mixing the oil with another super hydrating ingredient.

There are thousands of tea tree oil-based products on the market. We’re talking everything from cleanser to toner. It can even be found in hair care products. (Think shampoo and scalp treatments.) But how many of them will work for you and fit your budget?

Let us help you out. See below to discover the best tea tree oil options that won’t break the bank. Use them all season long. You can even depend on them once the weather warms back up again.