8 Travel-Friendly Beauty Essentials You Can Use on a Plane

A long-haul flight can give you much-needed me time, if you use it wisely. But if you have to step into an appointment or a meeting right after you land, you don’t want skin that screams, “I was on a plane for 22 hours.” Many people use flight time to catch up on their skin care regimens. Huda Kattan, for instance, even hosted a glam makeup tutorial from a plane. But unlike Huda, we don’t have a beauty crew or our own planes. What we do have is some space in our luggage for some in-flight beauty essentials.

You can have a mini spa session in your seat if you pack your serum or sheet masks. In winter, always carry a hydrating moisturizer or gel-based mask with you to combat dry in-flight air. Hair repair serums and eye creams or lip masks can also be used. Read on for some simple hacks to get refreshed and glowing skin en route.

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