8 Ride-or-Die Dry Shampoos That Won’t Leave Behind White Residue

Sometimes life gets the best of us thanks to jam-packed calendars, nonstop work days (at home or the office) and numerous important responsibilities — and things like washing your hair fall to the wayside. Days pass and that prickly feeling indicating your scalp needs a refresh lets you know it’s been too long since your last wash day.

Dry shampoo is the ultimate savior during those busy periods. In an instant, it wipes out the grease and gives life to limp locks. Some dry shampoos even double as a styling agent, adding swingy body and healthy shine. As convenient as it is, lots of formulas tend to leave behind a white residue that looks anything but fresh. Especially on a Zoom call.

We went on a hunt for the best dry shampoos that won’t give your hair a white cast or cause dandruff-like buildup. Ahead, eight options that leave nothing but healthy, good-smelling hair in their wake.