10 Colored Eyeliners to Replace Your Go-To Blacks and Browns

Eyeliner is usually the last step in our eye makeup routines. Although, it really is the one thing that can make or break our overall looks. Actually, some of us would sooner walk outside without clothes on than go without eyeliner, thank you very much. But this year we’re shaking up our eye looks with a little help from colored eyeliners.

It may be high time to loosen your grip on your trusted black and brown eyeliners. Why? Because there’s no better time than the holidays to trade them in. After all, the right colored eyeliner can instantly up your makeup game. Colored eyeliners are a no-brainer way to transform your entire vibe. (Just look at all the colorful eye looks coming down the runways.) The added pop of color offers more edge.

There are plenty of shades out there. From festive silver to seasonally-appropriate red and even an eye-catching purple. These eyeliners are definitely meant to be seen.

Whether you prefer easy-to-apply pencils or smooth gels, we’ve got you and your holiday party beauty look covered. Of course, you can use them long after New Year’s Eve. In fact, we encourage it.

Here are the 10 best colored eyeliners that’ll change your look with a single swipe.