Apple Cider Vinegar Is the Superhero Beauty Ingredient You Never Knew You Needed

Certain ingredients are so revered that they become acronyms. For example, foodies use EVOO for extra virgin olive oil. While beauty buffs know all about AHAs and BHAs (aka alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids). But there are new initials you should get acquainted with: ACV.

Otherwise known as apple cider vinegar, it pops up in everything from hair care to primer. Why the obsession? ACV boasts skin-perfecting AHAs and has serious clarifying abilities. Making it ideal for shampoos, co-washes and scalp detox treatments. It’s even popular in toners since it works like an astringent to keep your skin’s pH balanced.

Now that you know why apple cider vinegar deserves its abbreviation status, it’s time to try it out for yourself. From hair to skin, these are the best ACV products to pick up right now.