This New Color Trend Is One-Upping Pastel Hair on Instagram

Of all the Instagram beauty trends on your feed, this is one that will see you through to summer. Mustard hair is taking over Instagram, and we suggest you make space for this bright and vivid color in your life this season.

What we love about this trend is that it’s an alternative to more popular blond shades and really stands out. And it’s feasible for every hair color. If you have brunette hair, you may need to highlight it with bleach first if you want the shade to come out right, but grown-out roots look natural paired with this warm shade.

The perfect mustard blend also has a strong hint of orange, but, of course, you can also opt for a shade that’s more on the golden side. One of our favorite takes on the trend is mustard highlights, which instantly warm up your look.

Here, the best mustard hair inspiration that’s all the rage on Instagram right now.

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