Spring and summer can be great for your hair – as long as you know what doesn’t work in higher temperatures.  Here are the dos and don’ts of warm-weather hair.


* Do experiment with color. Go lighter, go brighter, and go bold. Don’t stick to a color that leaves you looking washed out (an example is overly-blonde Katherine Heigl) just because you’re comfortable in it.

If you’re feeling extra daring, head to the nearest hair school and have a student experiment on your tresses.

* Do relax your routine. Not going anywhere during the summer? Who cares! Pretend that you just came from the beach with a handy salt spray bottle, a favorite homemade trick that costs pennies and looks great.

* Don’t use too much product. There’s something so suffocating and rigid about highly coiffed hair in summer, for both updos and all-down looks. Don’t shellac your hair. Aim for loose waves instead of ironed-down locks. Something soft is great for summer, and it also means that it’s easier to sweep up if you get caught in the rain (or sweaty on a stopped train between stations).

* Don’t forget the fun days. Braids and twists are always a nice way to pull your hair off your back or forehead, and they’ll bring you back to high school days. This look is cute on Jennifer Aniston, and it’s quite easy to do.

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