Here’s Everything You Need to Achieve ‘Dewy Dumpling Skin’

The hottest influencer-approved beauty trend right now is dumpling skin. And as much as we wish it involved some actual dumplings, this makeup and skin routine is actually a way to showcase your poreless, clear, iridescent glow — or at least do an excellent job of faking it. If you loved glass skin and yoga skin, you will be obsessed with dewy dumpling skin.

The term was recently coined by makeup artist and beauty pro Nam Vo with the hashtag #dewydumplings. As you can guess, having a flawless base and playing up your cheekbones to the max is a huge part of this beauty trend.

“Even if the look is natural, I want my makeup to look 3-D. Even if you’re doing natural makeup with eyebrows and no foundation, I want the skin to be luminous,” Vo told The Cut. The ultra-glazed trend is all thanks to an amazing natural finish and just the right amount of primer and highlighter. Here’s what you need to know to achieve #dewydumplingskin.

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