Oil Slick Hair Is the Instagram-Approved Way for Brunettes to Rock Mermaid Hair

As much as we love our brunette hair and its warm tones, not being able to switch pastel highlights as effortlessly as people with blond locks has always been a bummer. Even most semi-permanent dyes only work after you have completely stripped your hair of its naturally dark pigments.

But Instagram has once again solved our hair coloring dilemma. Now, dark-haired women can have their own version of mermaid hair thanks to the latest trend: oil slick hair. The name itself should be pretty self-explanatory. It’s named after the multihued effect you see after oil spills on hot pavement. But this oil slick is less environmental disaster, more rainbow balayage.

London-based colorist Josh Wood was one of the first people to experiment with this multihued effect on darker bases. There’s no set color palette so you can use the oil slick technique to go for a combination that flatters your skin tone or makes your hair look fuller.