11 Lavender Beauty Products to Help You Unwind

We’re constantly looking for ways to relax. That’s definitely why we’re seeing a rise in CBD and aromatherapy. One of aromatherapy’s secrets to success? Lavender. It’s clearly thanks to its stress-relieving properties. Esker founder Shannon Davenport points out that ancient Greeks used lavender to cleanse and soothe.

Lavender affects our emotions like it affects our bodies explains Brenda Brock, founder and formulator of Farmaesthetics. Lavender is a tonic herb with an anti-inflammatory kick. Davenport says some studies show it also helps reduce anxiety. Which in turn can help you sleep better.

Of course, you have to look for the real deal. Keep an eye out for lavender essential oil or whole lavender buds. Brock says these versions offer antiseptic and antibacterial properties while stimulating new cell production. But watch out for lavender fragrance oil. Since it’s actually a synthetic petroleum-derived ingredient that can irritate skin.

Here are the best relaxing lavender beauty products to help you unwind after a long day.