The Best Eyebrow Tinting Products for Cara Delevingne-esque Brows

Eyebrow tinting is as simple as it is transformative. It’s one of the easiest ways to get fuller, dramatic brows. The process is pretty simple. It basically involves a 15 to 20 minute process that makes your arches darker and more distinct with the help of a pigmented brow gel.

The process is similar to dyeing your hair at home since the tint only lasts three to four weeks on average, gradually fading as the days go by. If you’re attempting a brow tint at home, start by applying petroleum jelly on your brows to prevent staining. It’s crucial to apply the first layer of brow gel in the direction your eyebrows naturally grow, then add a second layer in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes you’ll start to see a difference. Don’t get any water on your brows and stick to gel-based cleansers for the area around your eyes for at least 24 hours. Brow tint also lets you minimize your brow grooming ritual because your arches will appear naturally thicker. (Some eyebrow tints are even formulated with brow-plumping fibers to help the cause.)

Here are some of the most user-friendly eyebrow tinting products that make enhancing your brows super simple.