11 Transitional Nail Polish Shades to Take You From Winter to Spring

It’s around this time of year that we start feeling those dreaded winter blues. Now that the holidays are over, including Valentine’s Day, it’s only natural that we get a little depressed. Spring is still pretty far away (31 days to be exact) so we’re stuck with the snow and cold temps. While all of our flirty spring dresses and strappy sandals remain tucked away in our closets for now, there’s one way to embrace the soon-to-be warmer weather. We’re talking about transitional nail polish shades that work for both late winter and spring.

Instead of just painting on pastels or super bright hues, set your sights on more moderate shades. Think Pantone-approved blues, deeper pinks and variations on purple, like mauve. Metallics are allowed, but go with bronze or copper as opposed to silver and gold. And don’t be afraid to experiment with nail art. Whether you’re still in love with negative space manis or prefer the mismatched take where you paint every finger a different color, these transitional nail polish shades are destined to be your new go-tos straight through spring.

When the weather warms up, you can even rock these colors on your toes as well as your fingers. Then toward the end of spring, you can move on to the aforementioned pastels, lighter pinks and neon hues. Feel free to keep a few of these transitional nail polish shades in rotation as long as your manis are mismatched.

See the slideshow above for the best transitional nail polish shades that’ll help you survive the tail end of winter. They won’t make it any warmer, but at least you’ll have a constant reminder that spring’s on the way.