The Best Night Serums That’ll Help You Wake Up to Better Skin

What’s better than getting a good night’s sleep after a long day? Getting a good night’s rest while improving your complexion. Enter night serums, the multitasking skin superheroes that do their best work at night.

We’re sure you already have a nighttime routine that involves cleansing, slathering on some toner, moisturizer and a dab or two of eye cream. But you really should make room for a night serum in your already jam-packed skin care schedule. Just make sure you insert your evening serum of choice between applying your eye treatment and moisturizer.

Do you really need a night serum if you use a serum during the day?

The short answer: yes. Your skin uses your time in dreamland to rejuvenate and regenerate so it’s essential to use a formula designed to get the most out of your zzzs. And your standard serum just won’t cut it.

What do the best night serums have in common?

The best night serums usually feature at least one acid. The most common are hyaluronic, lactic, salicylic and glycolic or even a blend of all four. If you can tolerate retinol, look for a night serum with the trusted anti-aging ingredient to help tackle wrinkles and fine lines. And don’t forget your vitamins. You’ll also want a serum that absorbs quickly so you don’t have to delay hitting the sack.

Now that you know you need a night serum, it’s time to pick the one that’s right for you and your skin. So we went ahead and rounded up the best night serums currently on the market. Sweet dreams.