7 Essential Products to Prevent Your Skin From Suffering Face Mask Fatigue

Due to the ongoing pandemic, face masks are must-have accessories. And probably will be for some time. But wearing a face mask, no matter the material, can really freak out your skin. The solution? Switch up your routine to include face mask skin care products.

Friction from your favorite face mask can cause irritation and rashes. It can even cause breakouts. Especially when you’re sporting one for hours on end. The hot summer temps also increase your risk of skin care woes. Regularly washing your protective gear is a good place to start, but you still need to do more.

You can ward off inflammation and redness by introducing a few new products into your daily regimen. So we rounded up the best skin care products to help keep your skin calm so you can carry on. From a blemish-fighting cleansing gel to a hydrating mask that works its magic while you’re catching some zzzs, here’s everything you need to protect your complexion.