The Best Beauty Tools That Promise Glowing Skin, Healthy Hair and Flawless Makeup

We’re used to heading to the spa or the salon to get our skin, hair and makeup just right. But with the ongoing pandemic, that’s not really an option. Thankfully, there are many at-home devices that can successfully simulate those luxe treatments. The best beauty tools may not provide the exact experience the professionals offer, but they come pretty close.

Missing your weekly facial? You can cleanse, steam and massage your skin without leaving your house. There are also devices to treat breakouts, make exfoliation easy and increase the efficacy of your sheet masks while lounging around your living room.

Had to forgo your regular waxing appointments? You can now remove even those thick, stubborn hairs in a flash. If your locks seem a little lackluster lately, try a scalp massager. Having trouble applying your makeup? There’s an easy-to-hold brush for that.

Schedule your own spa day by checking out the best beauty tools in the slideshow above.