These Exfoliating Moisturizers Will Really Get You Glowing

When you hear the term exfoliate, you probably imagine rough and grainy scrubs that can be tough on skin. That’s why their makers encourage only sporadic use. But sloughing off those dead skin cells doesn’t have to cause a complexion uproar. Not if you invest in exfoliating moisturizers instead.

Basically, it’s like getting the best of both worlds. Exfoliating moisturizers rely on more gentle forms of exfoliation to reveal more radiant skin. Plus, they’re packed with hydration powerhouses like hyaluronic acid, squalane and jojoba oil.

To prevent any irritation, many of them also include soothing ingredients. Think aloe, shea butter and even cactus fruit extract. There are also nighttime treatments so you can sleep your way to better skin.

Here are the best exfoliating moisturizers for hydrated, glowing skin.