8 Moisturizing Lip Tints That Provide a Kiss of Color

We all love our lipsticks. Whether they’re ruby red, the perfect nude shade or a more unexpected hue. But there are times we don’t feel like flaunting a full-on hue. For those days spent working from home or rushing out for a quick errand or two, lip tints are a better option.

Lip tints offer a more subtle wash of color. They’re lightly tinted and usually come in sheer shades. Many even boast the same consistency as your favorite lip balm. One of their best benefits? Their staying power. They tend to last longer than your standard lipstick.

While you always have to check your teeth after applying lipstick to make sure there are no unsightly stains, it’s a nonissue with tints. Their no-drip formulas make application easy. But make no mistake: the color payoff is real. From a chocolaty pop of color to a rosy pink and even a cherry hue, these shades still make an impact.

Discover the best lip tints to wear on the daily in the slideshow above.