Stop Chapped Lips Before They Start With These Best Lip Balms

Winter is lip balm season. But there’s no reason to wait until your lips get severely dry and chapped to use balm. In fact, it actually behooves you to use a balm before winter arrives. That’s because the best lip balms keep your lips moisturized, super soft and protected.

Fall is a great time to get your balm on. Swiping on a lip treatment on the daily helps hydrate your kisser. Especially if said treatment includes moisturizing powerhouses like avocado and jojoba oils or shea butter. You also want to look for ingredients that will protect your pucker from everything from free radicals and environmental aggressors to the sun’s harsh rays. Think vitamins C and E as well as SPF protection.

The key to preventing cracked, rough lips is consistent application. So buying a balm that goes on smooth is vital. If it has great flavor, even better.

Find the right treatment for your pout by checking out our list of the best lip balms above.