‘Tis the Season to Try These Fig Beauty Products

Glossier is one of the biggest beauty brands around. Every time a new beauty product (or new merch) drops, everyone scrambles to add it to their virtual carts. The millennial-targeting label just introduced a fig flavor of its coveted Balm Dotcom. So we know it’s only a matter of time before fig beauty products become all the rage.

While Glossier’s new balm is only flavored like fig, the fruit itself is actually really good for your skin and hair. That’s because it’s packed with antioxidants. So you’ll often find the wonder ingredient in products designed to combat aging and irritated skin. It also boasts lots of vitamins, including your skin’s BFF vitamin C.

If you long for lush locks with plenty of moisture, you should make sure fig is in your hair care products. Tangles more your dilemma? Fig can help keep your strands knot-free.

Here are the best fig beauty products to upgrade your skin and hair care routines.