Bakuchiol Is the Kinder, Gentler Way to Treat Almost All Your Skin Care Woes


Retinol is heralded as the way to combat wrinkles and fine lines. But if your skin is sensitive, it’ll treat them while freaking out your complexion. Not exactly ideal. The solution? Skip retinol products and pick up ones boasting bakuchiol instead.

The plant-based ingredient is retinol’s less irritating cousin. You get the same collagen-promoting, fine line-reducing benefits without any redness or dryness. In addition to its anti-aging prowess, the skin care savior contains antioxidants. It even has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. (Which is why you’ll find it in acne treatments.)

Bakuchiol keeps adding to its skin care résumé. Now you can find it in moisturizers, face oils, eye creams, cleansers and more. But not all bakuchiol skin care products are worth your money.

So we went ahead and rounded up the best of the bunch in the slideshow above.