25 Thanksgiving Hairstyles Guaranteed to Impress All the Other Guests

Thanksgiving still won’t be the same this year. Sure, some of us will still gather with a smaller number of guests. Or we’ll enjoy our dinner over Zoom. But regardless of how you choose to safely celebrate, the holiday is a great reason to dress up. Including putting some effort into your hairdo. Luckily, recent runways provide plenty of inspo when it comes to Thanksgiving hairstyles.

If you’re trying to keep things more low-key, a loose side pony is a great option. Or just secure your strands with a few bobby pins. If you’re planning a more formal affair, a tight bun featuring a braided accent is a sleek idea. A single finger wave, a chunky headband or a polished half updo are all on the table.

But if your meal is more of an in-the-middle event, you can’t go wrong with a low pony. That doesn’t mean just pulling your hair back and securing with an elastic. Put a spin on the basic style by combining it with a French twist. You can also wrap up your pony with some striking braided cord. Get creative by fashioning faux bangs to complement your low ‘do. You can even use a broad barrette to hold your hair back.

Keep reading to discover the bounty of Thanksgiving hairstyles the runways have to offer.

Images: Imaxtree