15 Runway-Cosigned Ways to Wear Pigtails

Images: Imaxtree

In addition to favoring loungewear and no makeup, or at least no-makeup makeup, many of us now homebodies are taking a relaxed approach to our hair. We’re not alone. Celebs are also favoring more laid-back locks. And as Vogue just pointed out, they’re doing so by bringing back a beloved hairstyle from our childhood — pigtails.

But we still want to take things up a notch. So we hunted down the best runway pigtails. Sure, we could simply wrap a couple of elastics around our strands or braid a set of tails and go about our day. Where’s the fun or even challenge in that?

Pigtails are remarkably versatile. They look good up top or low and long. You can secure them with elastics, hair accessories or even your own strands. If braided is more your style, you can go with tight plaits or looser takes. Make it a party in the back or up front by using the braids to draw attention to your face.

Now that we’ve persuaded you to give pigtails another chance, check out the slideshow to see the best runway pigtails in recent history.