Incorporate Some Sun Care Into Your Hair Care Routine With These UV Protectors

We all know we need to apply sunscreen several times a day while we’re out in the sun. But there may be a few spots you’re skipping. Either by mistake or because you don’t think the sun impacts certain areas. Well, we’ve got news for you. You need to add hair UV protection into your sun care strategy.

Your strands and scalp can get burned by the sun. (Yes, you can get a sunburn on your scalp.) If your locks are colored, those UV rays can make your shade fade faster. They can also make your hair look dull and zap the strength of your strands.

So what’s the solution? Thankfully, there are plenty of UV-blocking formulas out there geared toward your hair. Many even offer protection from other warm-weather hazards, like salt and chlorine. Making them an absolute necessity for spring and summer.

Here are the best products that offer hair UV protection to add to your regimen ASAP.