11 Lip Glosses That Deliver That Coveted 2000s-Era Glass Finish

Many things defined the 2000s. From low-rise jeans to all forms of glitter. Another hallmark of the era? Wet-look lip glosses. The glassier and gooier, the better. Now 2000s lip glosses are once again trending thanks to noughties beauty being back in style.

Over the last few years, our devotion to matte liquid lipsticks has cooled. So we’re incorporating shiny glosses into our makeup looks. We’re upping the ante this season and seeking out versions that offer a high-impact glazed finish. And possibly a dash of glitter.

Some of our go-to glosses are recent launches recalling the glazed pouts of the 2000s. There are also some cult favorites from the time period still in stock. (Trust us, they’ll still make you swoon.)

Scroll down to see the 2000s lip glosses that impart the ideal super glossy, reflective finish.