11 Nail Strengtheners That’ll Get Your Nails in Tip-Top Shape in No Time

We’ve all had to brush up on our manicure skills lately. Whether we’ve been perfecting our nail art technique or developing an acrylic obsession, our nails (and cuticles) have been put through the wringer. So it’s time to show them some love with these top nail strengtheners.

The best ones not only strengthen nails, they really get them growing. And who doesn’t want long nails? Especially ones that don’t easily chip, split or peel?

Many nail strengtheners double as base coats. Which means all you have to do is brush them on before painting your nails. Others function as stand-alone treatments. It’s important to keep an eye out for some kind of conditioning agent. Like jojoba oil or good-for-your-nails vitamins.

Keep scrolling to discover the top picks that’ll give you the long, strong nails you’ve been dreaming of.