Why You Should Treat Your Hair Like You Treat Your Skin

You probably already have a firmly established skin care routine for your face, neck and maybe even chest by now. Whether said routine involves only a couple of products or a dozen steps. But we’re guessing your hair care routine is much shorter and features fewer products. If your locks are still less than desirable, it may be because you’re not treating your hair like your skin. Yup, your hair care regimen should include some skin care basics to really make a difference.

Just like our complexions, our strands can get dry. Especially this time of year. So you should look for hair care products that have hyaluronic acid. If you haven’t looked lately, you might be surprised. Everything from treatments to serums to shampoos and conditioners boast the hydration powerhouse.

But these products are far from one-trick ponies. Not only do they deliver much-needed moisture, they protect your mane from heat styling and pollution. They unclog hair follicles and sweep away product buildup. They also baby your scalp because a healthy scalp equals healthy hair.

Ready to put as much thought into your hair care as you do your skin care? Keep reading to discover the best products to incorporate into your routine ASAP.