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Ruby Jean Wilson Stars in Marc Jacobs’ Striped Spring 2013 Ad Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Juergen Teller (no surprise there) photographed Ruby Jean Wilson for the ad campaign of Marc Jacobs’ stripe-filled Spring 2013 collection, and while the campaign is sort of business as usual, mirrored surfaces reflecting the riot of stripes on Ruby Jean’s dress add some additional interest. Forum members had a mixed reaction to the initial campaign image.

Marc Jacobs Spring 2013 ad campaign - Ruby Jean Wilson photographed by Juergen Teller

“Not a good start to S/S 13 campaign season…” Dutchhie remarked.

VogueDisciple93 called it a “boring campaign for a bad collection.”

Psylocke saw the image in a more positive light. “I expected something different for this collection but quite like it,” she commented. “I love the composition, the pose is nice and I don't feel overwhelmed by the image in spite of all the stripes and mirrors, it kind of works. And Ruby Jean looks great. Excited to see more!”

I don’t know what to think of the campaign thus far. Sure, it looks like Ruby Jean’s covered in prison stripes and looks like some sort of human-spider hybrid, but there’s something fun and interesting about the mirroring that makes me want to keep looking so I can get a sense of the space she’s in. Plus, if you’re going to do a collection full of big bold stripes, you might as well go all out and emphasize that.