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Mariacarla Boscono (and Baby!) Featured in Riccardo Tisci’s Buddy-Filled Spring 2013 Givenchy Campaign [VIDEO] (Forum Buzz)

Givenchy campaign images tend to trickle out slowly, but we’ve got a good enough glimpse of the Spring 2013 ad campaign that we want to share what we’ve seen thus far. Designer Riccardo Tisci is known to have a bevy of fancy friends and muses, and this season, he’s featuring a bunch of them in the Givenchy ad campaign. Model Mariacarla Boscono is the only one of the group (that includes her baby daughter, Marialucas, Kate Moss, Marina Abramovic, Jose Maria Manzanares, Jared Buckhiester, and Francisco Peralta) who has appeared in a Givenchy campaign before. Unless the as of yet unreleased portion of this Carine Roitfeld-styled campaign contains any color images, it appears that photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott shot the campaign in black and white.

Givenchy Spring 2013 ad campaign photographed by Mert & Marcus

“My god, why would you shoot this in black and white?” asked LagerfeldBoy. “I was so eager to see the wonderful color palette of pastel pink, black, white, and red. Sigh.”

In terms of the images themselves, forum members had mixed feelings about the men’s shots – VogueDisciple93 said “they look like outtakes from a simple features editorial” – but were bowled over by Mariacarla (and baby).

Givenchy Spring 2013 ad campaign Mariacarla Boscono and baby photographed by Mert & Marcus

“Mariacarla's shot is magnificent. This photo alone is enough for this campaign to be an unforgettable one!” dior_couture1245 declared. “It has everything in it that fashion has been missing the last several years – personality, innocence, soul, and love. Fashion should always be about WHO is wearing it. We've lost that important fact in this age of street style and blogging stars who pile on every IT item humanly possible to hide the fact that, on the whole, they're dull, uninteresting and sad people. All I see here is a proud, radiant mother holding her newborn and photographed in such a way that there is nothing gimmicky or objectified about it. It all looks so natural and so genuine!” he gushed.

“That shot of MCB and her baby is freaking gorgeous,” Elfinkova agreed. “Love the sleek/bold feel of these images. Striking and full of attitude without being too 'in your face.'”

I think it’s safe to say we can’t wait to see what else Givenchy has in store for Spring 2013 (Kate Moss’s contributions in particular). In the meantime, just watch this behind-the-scenes campaign video – over and over again if you’re anything like me – to see how seriously handsome these men are, because the campaign image released thus far apparently does them little to no justice.

Images via TFS Forums