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Natalie Portman’s Hair is Too Severe in the New Miss Dior Chérie Fragrance Ad (Forum Buzz)

Miss Dior Cherie Spring 2013 - Natalie PortmanNatalie Portman is still going strong as the face of Christian Dior's Miss Dior Chérie fragrance, but truth be told, the new ad for Spring 2013 leaves a little something to be desired. It’s not that the ad looks bad per se – the gimmicky oversized perfume bottle is par for the course and the Raf Simons–designed dress looks beautiful, but wouldn’t the structured gown have been complemented better by loose, flowing hair?

As the ad is, Natalie’s hair looks far too severe, and far too casual. Though it’s clear she’s sporting a ponytail, it almost takes a second to process that fact.

“Nice picture but I think she should let her hair down,” ChristyLeReveur commented. “She looks much older in a ponytail.”

Anlabe32 posted, “It doesn’t look finished. Something’s missing.”

What’s missing is any excitement about this perfume.

Image via the Fashion Spot forums.