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Florence Welch’s New Capsule Jewelry Collection

Florence Welch’s style is envied by many, and there aren’t many Brits who can say that their own natural sense of style has gone on to influence the likes of fashion power houses Gucci and Chanel.  Let’s face it, if you can count Karl Lagerfeld amongst your fans, can your fashion credentials really get any bigger seal of approval?

If lusting after her wardrobe and constantly having her tunes on repeat inside our heads wasn’t enough, now we’ve also heard the exciting news that she’s released her own capsule jewellery collection. Her first line has been inspired by her album "Cermonials," and features a range of art deco themed cuffs, earrings and rings which will make the perfect purchase for this year’s forthcoming festivals.

You’ll also be pleased to know that she’s still in touch with the real world despite her dalliances within the luxury fashion sector, as she’s kept the price points of her new collection rather modest. Ranging from £20 – £50, you can channel Florence without breaking the bank!


She’s also given the range the rather cute name of Flotique, and all of the pieces are available to buy on her e-commerce site. So, if you’re a big fan of Flo’s vintage-come-ethereal style, then we suggest you check out the capsule collection soon, as it’ll definitely be a sell-out.   

Images: WENN, Florence and the Machine.