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Numéro Thailand Releases Shockingly Bad November Cover (Forum Buzz)

Numéro Thailand November 2013

image credit: via the tfs forums

The expansion of big fashion magazines into the Asian market has been welcomed by most. And while Numéro China has delivered some outstanding fashion stories, the Thailand edition seems to be struggling to meet the expectations of the fashion fanatics on the tFS forums. For its November issue, the magazine that debuted in December 2012 produced a cover that is shockingly bad. 

“What an awful cover!” posted fashionlover2001

“What a disaster,” found FashionFanatico.  

“A mess,” agreed jeffandtheworld, “the styling, the hair, the model.”

And valliaddict laughed, “Everyone behind this mess should be fired. Everyone!”

“This is so tragic!” commented Minimoon27.

Shot by Bigs Vatcharasith, the cover shows model Namthip Jongrachatawiboon posing lasciviously in a sexy dress, surrounded by an overwhelming amount of straw-like red hair. The idea was to emulate the theme of the issue, which is ‘Glamour.’ Does this actually represent anyone's idea of glamour? I doubt it.