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POP’s New Cover with Grimes Looks Like an Instagram Screenshot (Forum Buzz)

POP magazine released one of its new covers for the Autumn/Winter 2014 edition today. And while it may look like an Instagram leak at first, it’s actually not — the concept of the cover was to look like a screenshot.

image credit: uniquemagazines via the tfs forums

Image Credit: uniquemagazines via the tfs forums

The unusual cover starring singer Grimes received mixed reactions on our forums.

“I’m not sure if the idea of Instagram is cool or just lazy. The cover itself looks pretty all over the place,” analyzed Koibito.

His was one of the more diplomatic responses, as most members failed to see any reason to compliment this cover. 

“Is this a joke?” asked [Piece Of Me].

But the cover did have some admirers. “Love it. It will be rather sweet to see this in some 10 years,” declared MulletProof.

And TREVOFASHIONISTO posted: “It’s definitely more interesting than a lot of other publications.”

This last statement reflects how I feel about the cover, too. There is no iconic photography here and the concept will probably look old fairly soon, but it sure is interesting now. And you have to admit, the corny comments section on the cover is pretty funny.

Alexa Chung is rumored to also have a cover for this issue. Follow the thread on the forums to see more of this issue soon.