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Rave Reviews for Amanda Wellsh’s Haunting Cover of Numéro (Forum Buzz)

As Paris Fashion Week got off to a brilliant start, Numéro released its October cover via Facebook. The French title commissioned Txema Yeste to photograph Amanda Wellsh for Issue #157. Amanda resembles a member of The Addams Family as she stares out toward the reader wearing a gun print ensemble with her head tilted back in the rather haunting fall image.

Numero Oct 14 Amanda Welsh


Members of our forums cannot contain their excitement. “God, amazing cover,” raved burbuja8910.

“That’s an intense cover. Like it,” declared Kanna.

Also full of praise was eneroenero, who simply posted, “Bravo Txema!”

KateTheGreatest seemed thrilled to see the Spanish photographer shoot for French Numéro, “Finally a cover for Txema Yeste!” The cover actually marks the photographer’s second cover shoot for French Numéro, after shooting Aymeline Valade for the magazine back in May 2014.

Bruce7Lee shared the same sentiments: “Great job again Txema!”

“So good, I like it a lot,” added TeeVanity.

There were a few members who took slight issue with the cover, though. “Viewing the image from the thumbnail, I gulped. It’s actually quite OK otherwise. Is that embroidery on her face? More interested to see Tilda‘s editorial,” said Benn98.

Are you a fan? Check out the thread for even more glowing reviews and await the content of the issue here.