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Forum Debate: Is Joan Smalls a ‘Terrible’ Model? (Vogue Japan December Cover)

It’s not even Halloween and the December covers have begun to roll out, and as usual, Vogue Japan’s is the first to surface on our forums. Joan Smalls looks party-ready as she sports slicked back hair, a pair of ostentatious earrings and a dress from Christian Dior (also worn by Kati Nescher on Vogue Spain’s November cover). Photographed by Giampaolo Sgura, the Puerto Rican beauty strikes her best pose for the cover shot…or did she?

Vogue Japan December 2014 Joan Smalls


Discussion inside the thread is very heated amongst forum members. “What a terrible model she is. She doesn’t have a single decent picture,” commented Creative, whose post sparked debate instantly.

“Joan Smalls, a terrible model? I’m not her number 1 fan but that’s totally harsh and inaccurate to say this. It could be a nice cover but I always hate this white background,” replied Valentine27.

Also coming to Joan’s defense was zoom, who wrote, “Joan Smalls ‘a terrible model’? Really? So terrible she’s the #1 model in the world. Say what you will but Joan will still come out on top. Congrats to Smalls on another Vogue cover!”

“Exactly. Let this ‘terrible’ model’s bookings over the past 5 years speak for itself,” agreed valliaddict.

“This cover makes me angry. Why and how on earth did they make one of the most stunning models look like a soulless, plastic doll? Not to mention the styling; they actually managed to make that Dior dress look cheap. Epic fail,” disapproved an underwhelmed Nepenthes.

“While I don’t think she is a terrible model, I do feel like she has many dud covers! This is just further proof, somehow it never engages, or they pick the absolute worst cover image of her,” noted Miss Dalloway.

Are you a fan? See inside the thread for more discussion and share your own opinion here.