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Kati Nescher Wears Gucci Spring 2015 on the December Cover of Vogue Germany (Forum Buzz)

It’s not even Christmas and magazines are already showing the Spring 2015 collections. Vogue Germany’s December cover was styled by the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Christiane Arp, who decided to put cover girl Kati Nescher in a spring dress by Gucci. The model sits perched on a wooden chair, giving a warm smile for the lens of Giampaolo Sgura.

Vogue Germany December 2014 Kati Nescher Giampaolo Sgura


The publication’s efforts haven’t paid off, however, as most of our forum members are not impressed. “Love Kati, don’t love this cover. It’s appropriate for the Holidays, but those colors make it look 90s,” disapproved anlabe32.

GlamorousBoy simply posted the word “catastrophe” inside the thread. Ouch!

“What were they thinking? Everything about this except for Kati is disastrous,” complained Royal-Galliano.

Also not an admirer of the cover was orchidee: “Way too busy. Someone got carried away with the eyebrow pencil. And they really should have picked one color for the (excessive amount of) text.” 

“I don’t understand how one shoots this and thinks it’s a Vogue cover. It looks like a bad catalog shot. Poor Kati,” wrote an unsatisfied Nepenthes.

Discussion soon moved to the abilities of Giampaolo Sgura with Melancholybaby commenting, “Someone take the camera away from this hack.”

“My thoughts exactly. I can’t understand why fashion magazines still hire him,” replied Creative in agreement.

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