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The Forums Weigh In on Kim Kardashian’s Booty-Baring Paper Magazine Cover (Forum Buzz)

If you weren’t a fan of Kim Kardashian’s Vogue cover then we suggest you turn away now. The reality star has struck again, now landing the cover of Paper‘s Winter 2014 issue, as reported earlier this morning. Photographed in true Jean-Paul Goude style, Kim poses on not one, but two covers for the magazine’s new issue. On the first cover we see the 34-year-old social media star wearing a black sequined gown while popping a bottle of champagne which evidently lands in the glass placed firmly on her derrière (you have to see it to believe it!). For cover two, Kim stands before the legendary French photographer’s lens with her back turned, showing us her famous assets. Impressed?

Paper Winter 2014 Kim Kardashian


Leave it to our forum members to broadcast their brutally honest opinions. “For the love of God make it stop,” proclaims marsnoop2, who clearly isn’t a fan of the magazine’s offerings this time around.

“Trash. I still can’t get over how she cover Vogue,” disapproves an outraged alonsoJonathan.

KateTheGreatest also isn’t feeling it and writes, “There is just no escaping the Kardashian/Jenner family, is there? This is awful, don’t like anything about it.”

“What a way to start the morning! The second cover is absolutely vile, and I’m not getting the point here. Surely this wont be a newsstand cover?” questions a disgusted Benn98.

Yet not everyone disapproves. “Well this is literally breaking the internet and you know what? I like both covers,” shares TeeVanity.

“Is it wrong that I actually don’t hate these?” asks JesseDillon.

Lukechapman comes to Kim’s defense: “I actually quite like these covers; they are fun and Kim’s influence in the fashion world is clearly undeniable.”

Are you impressed with these covers? Join the discussion and add your own two cents inside the thread here.