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Elisabeth Erm Scores Her First Vogue Cover…with Mixed Reviews (Forum Buzz)

We’ve seen a handful of December issues surfacing on our forums over the past week, and now Vogue Ukraine’s takes center stage. Missy Rayder unexpectedly graced the cover of the magazine’s November issue and now Elisabeth Erm stars on the title’s last issue for 2014, looking as glamorous as ever. The cover marks a first for the Estonian model, who is captured by photographer duo Driu and Tiago, wearing a piece from Prada’s Fall 2014 collection and a head full of tight curls.

Vogue Ukraine December 2014 Elisabeth Erm


Yet our forum members are sharing mixed reactions towards this particular cover. “Awkward pose and I don’t like the hair. Not sure if I like it but it’s nice to see her,” comments Valentine27.

“All I see is Vogue Russia. That put aside, it’s an okay cover,” shares Srdjan, who recognizes a similarity with the Russian edition of Vogue.

Also left feeling uncertain is justaguy: “Elisabeth looks great here and loving the styling, just not sure about the overall coloring/lighting of the cover.”

Gossiping certainly disapproves of the cover and posts, “Bad hair, bad pose, this doesn’t work.” Ouch! Has the magazine gotten it majorly wrong this month?

Not everyone shares the same sentiments, though. MyNameIs soon changes the tone of the thread by contributing, “I actually adore it. It’s glamorous, bold, festive, sexy and kind of brash but in a good way. I think the colors are perfect for December. The hair works here too. It might be my favorite cover of the year for Vogue Ukraine. There’s not a thing I’d change about it.”

“I’m biased because I love Elisabeth, but I think this is awesome. The styling is glamorous and not trashy, it’s festive but not corny, and her face is perfection. Great cover!” replies Psylocke in agreement.

Are you a fan of Elisabeth’s first Vogue cover? Take a peek inside the thread and share your own opinion with us here.