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Margot Robbie’s Underwater Cover for W Magazine ‘Misses the Boat’ (Forum Buzz)

Not your average cover image for a fashion magazine but we’re just thankful to see the beautiful Margot Robbie. W Magazine tapped the Aussie actress for its annual art issue, which coincides with the December 2014 edition. Photographed by contemporary video artist Bill Viola, The Wolf of Wall Street star poses for an interesting underwater shoot wearing a Donna Karan dress.

W Magazine December 2014 Margot Robbie


Our forum members share their mixed reactions. “Is this a joke? The wonky left eye, the I’m-about-to-fart face… What are you doing Mr. Tonchi?” questions Flashbang.

“Oh my… what a truly dreadful image? Her facial expression! The concept is great, and underwater photography can produce some beautiful imagery (Kate Winslet in that shot by Annie for example…) but wow. I’m shocked that image was selected for a cover,” adds an underwhelmed honeycombchild.

Also not feeling the cover shot is Miss Dalloway who writes, “I get what they went from, but it makes for a horribly unappealing cover! You have such a stunning girl, with a million dollar face, and you do this to her?!! Even some shots in the spread would make for a better cover, because she is giving better face. When Tonchi misses the boat, he really misses it!”

Yet not all reviews are negative. “In my opinion it´s not a flattering image (for her) but I love it, it´s beautiful and haunting and it´s always nice to see a cover not set against a plain background. I´m happy for Margot, I don´t know much about her but she comes across like such a nice and charming person,” credits kokobombon.

SallyAlbright agrees and writes, “Oh, Margot. I just have the biggest girl crush on her, she is so funny and cool in addition to being stunning. I love the concept and I love that she finally got a big cover, but it is definitely not her best picture. Still exciting, though.”

Are you a fan of W’s latest cover? See inside for some previews and tell us what you think here.