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Vogue Japan’s January Cover with Sasha Pivovarova Fails to Impress (Forum Buzz)

We’d assume magazines would want a fresh start for the new year. Vogue Japan evidently doesn’t agree and continues to give us the same old, same old with its most recent installment. Sasha Pivovarova fronts the magazine’s first issue of the upcoming year with not an ounce of excitement. Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, the legendary French lensman captured the Russian beauty wearing a dress from Giorgio Armani that was chosen by Giovanna Battaglia. Are you impressed?

Vogue Japan January 2015 Sasha Pivovarova


Members of our forums aren’t showing much enthusiasm. “How awkward is that pose?” questioned MON.

“The contrast between her and the background is too much, the dress is awful, only like her face and hair, the rest is rubbish,” complained Nymphaea.

Marc10 noticed something odd and commented, “There’s a Mona Lisa thing going on, like she’s looking at you but not really? Weird.”

“Ugly, I’m so bored to death that VJ is always using the white background, on every cover,” ranted an uninterested burbuja8910.

A few posts later, our forum members also noticed a resemblance between Sasha and Sarah Jessica Parker. “My mind keeps expecting to see Sarah Jessica Parker’s face, it must be the hair,” added tigerrouge.  

Sharing the same opinion was fluxxx: “Me too! She looks like SJP at the first glance, I guess it’s the hair and pose. Very Cosmopolitan magazine though LOL.”

“OMG such a bad start for 2015!” gazebo simply stated.

Are you completely underwhelmed with Vogue Japan’s January 2015 cover too? Await the contents of the issue inside the thread and be sure to join the discussion here.