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Does Daphne Groeneveld Resemble Kate Upton on Vogue Netherlands? (Forum Buzz)

Christmas is weeks away, but we are steadily starting to see the first magazine covers of 2015. Vogue Netherlands’ Jan/Feb issue is the most recent cover to drop and our forum members are rapidly voicing their opinions inside the thread. Daphne Groeneveld makes the cover, captured by Nico. This is the Dutch model’s fifth Vogue cover, her most memorable probably being the Tom Ford guest-edited issue of French Vogue. This time around, Daphne strikes a pose sitting cross-legged on the studio floor wearing a beige coat, black cigarette pants and a pair of black high heel booties.

Vogue Netherlands January 2015 February 2015 Daphne Groeneveld


But our forum members seem to think Daphne resembles another model. “To me she looks so much like Kate Upton here. This is a very weak start to 2015, especially those cover lines! Nothing could interest the reader to purchase this issue,” commented Benn98.

“I instantly thought of Kate Upton when I first saw it, otherwise she looks great,” replied khyrk.

“Those shoes ruin the whole styling imo, could have looked better if she was barefoot. I agree with whoever said she looks like Kate Upton, at first glance I thought it was her. Grey background again… oh well…” added kokobombon.

“The way Daphne is off center to make space for the cover lines is bugging me for some reason. It makes the whole cover quite unbalanced. But I’m glad they finally got Daphne on the cover, it’s nice to see her growing into her looks,” posted ash92.

“Quite nice & happy for Daphne Groeneveld! About time! I like the pink ..makes the cover less boring. But I really hope that in 2015 the gloomy grey background will disappear!!” noted DutchHomme.

Nepenthes applauded the magazine’s efforts this month: “So so happy to see Daphne on the cover of her homeland Vogue; it’s high time they used her! She looks undeniably gorgeous and I love her pose. That said, there’s something quite generic about it with the ‘New Year New Look’ cover line and their whole layout really. I was expecting they’d do something more creative with Daphne because she’s so strikingly beautiful. To be honest, it seems that they’re still trying to find their essence as a magazine.”

Are you a fan of Vogue Netherlands’ latest cover? Do you think she resembles Kate? Tell us what you think inside the thread here.