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Nicole Kidman’s Brand New ELLE Cover Pretty Much Sucks (Forum Buzz)

The American edition of ELLE is kicking off 2015 by tapping Nicole Kidman as its January cover subject. Photographed by Paola Kudacki (who also shot Rihanna for the December cover), the Academy Award-winning actress shows off an outfit from Christian Dior and poses with her hands inside the pockets of the floor-length jacket for the underwhelming cover. Our forum members claim the Aussie actress looks “outrageously bad” and are left completely unimpressed with the results of the shoot. 

US Elle January 2015 Nicole Kidman


“It is so bland it is not even funny OMG it looks atrocious, lifeless. The styling is so so so wrong and the pose and her face do not help whatsoever,” wrote Bertrando3 within minutes of the cover surfacing on the forums.

“OMG, OMG her face looks so bad and the styling is hideous,” agreed GIVENCHYlover.

Also left rather stunned was Benn98: “I struggle to associate Nicole Kidman with ELLE. She’s more, distinguished. None of her past covers for them stand out. OK, perhaps the one she did during The Others‘ promotion, think it was January as well. Even as a preview this cover is bad! How on earth do you get such an underwhelming shot of Nicole? And change that bloody grey backdrop.” 

MON shared the same sentiments and added, “What on earth is happening to ELLE… their covers are super uninspired… this is just beyond awful. The styling, the pose… Nicole looks beautiful but the aura is just dead.”

“Outrageously bad. Fire whoever is responsible for this…” proclaimed HeatherAnne.

“How bad is that?” jal718 simply asked.

Is ELLE‘s January 2015 cover really that awful? Await the cover story inside the thread, check out some previews and be sure to tell us what you think here.