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Marie Claire Gets Miranda Lambert to Pose Poolside for Its January Cover (Forum Buzz)

We often complain that magazines give us the same recycled cover stars. U.S. Marie Claire, however, has delivered an unexpected choice for its first issue of 2015. Country singer Miranda Lambert poses poolside, photographed by Boe Marion, with Alison Edmond on styling duties. We’re happy to see someone fresh star on a fashion magazine cover, but our forums are not pleased with the result.

US Marie Claire January 2015 Miranda Lambert


Miss Dalloway sure wasn’t pleased as she wrote, “How incredibly ungraceful!” inside the thread the minute the cover surfaced.

“It’s only the January issue, but I think we already have the worst cover of all of 2015. She looks relaxed, yet contorted. Add the cleavage to the mix and that is one sorry cover. Wonder if the contents yield a better photo,” added lavieenrose.

GIVENCHYlover even went so far as to say, “Worst fashion magazine cover ever.”

“That’s the best tagline they could come up with from her interview? How depressing. Also, terrible image and styling,” noted HeatherAnne, disapproving of Marie Claire‘s efforts this month.

Do you notice anything peculiar about the cover shot? Forum member kokobombon sure did: “All I can see is her knee… next to the elbow, looks so freakish.”

“Yikes. This is probably the worst cover I’ve seen from them. Miranda is hardly Shania Twain, don’t understand how she got such a major cover. And what on earth is happening to her lower body? The arm looks the same size as her leg. It reminds me of that Ab Fab episode where Eddie’s shrinking on the plastic surgeon’s bed,” commented Benn98.

“Boobs and freaky-looking bones. In general, why are covers getting worse?” asked tigerrouge.

Share your own opinion of Marie Claire‘s January 2015 cover inside the thread here.