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We’ve Seen Jennifer Aniston’s January Allure Cover a Thousand Times Before (Forum Buzz)

Thanks to Fashion Scans Remastered, we have seen the January titles of various American publications roll out over the weekend. Vogue came first and now Allure‘s first cover of 2015 surfaced on our forums. The magazine tapped Jennifer Aniston as its cover subject this time around, after failing to impress us with the December cover featuring Allison Williams. But we aren’t exactly jumping for joy with the latest installment. Jennifer was photographed by Michael Thompson looking like her usual self with soft, tousled waves and minimal makeup, while wearing a plunging top and looking very early 2000s.

Allure January 2015 Jennifer Aniston


Our forum members have surely noticed and are currently voicing their opinions. “What an awful cover! This post-production is terrible,” slammed narcyza, not very impressed with the cover.

“Eek! Don’t like the lighting and her laugh. And what’s with the amateur art direction?” questioned Benn98.

“For a tagline that talks about hair, it’s ironic that her hair is horrible in this shot; it’s looking so frizzy. And I feel when it comes to magazines, Jennifer’s always the same, and it’s so boring. This could easily have been a part of her Bazaar cover, or any editorial that she’s done that I could remember,” added an underwhelmed ash92.

“Ouch….very poorly executed cover and very dated looking Jennifer Aniston,” agreed justaguy.

“Rachel Karen Green I will forever be in love with you but this cover feels like a reprint or something, I feel like I’ve seen this before,” shared KateTheGreatest.

Also unimpressed was tigerrouge, who posted, “I feel like a voyeur, unavoidably looking down the front of her dress. But don’t come at me with an image of Jennifer Aniston and put the words ‘hair makeover’ on it. The evolution of that woman’s hair happens at a slightly slower pace than an ice age. She’s more about the power of remaining true to your style. Not experimentation.”

Are you a fan of Jennifer’s new cover for Allure‘s January 2015 issue? Await the cover story and tell us your own opinion here.