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Vogue Spain’s January Cover with Sigrid Agren ‘Couldn’t Get Any Cheaper’ (Forum Buzz)

In with the new and out with the old? Vogue Spain kicks off 2015 by tapping some fresh talent for its new January cover. The magazine enlisted Cuneyt Akeroglu to photograph Sigrid Agren for the first issue of the upcoming year. The Turkish photographer, who often creates covers for Turkish Vogue, shot Sigrid for the magazine’s latest installment against a vivid red background wearing a jumper and pants, while clutching a handbag. Sigrid herself hasn’t starred on Spanish Vogue‘s cover before, so we applaud the monthly glossy for delivering something different this time around. 

Vogue Spain January 2015 Sigrid Agren


Are our forum members impressed? “It couldn’t get any cheaper….OMFG,” exclaimed bbofbalenciaga.

“The background has a strong contrast while Sigrid herself (quality wise) looks dull. Very campaign looking. The layout is horrid,” added MON, clearly unimpressed by Vogue Spain’s efforts this month.

A.D.C. agreed: “It doesn’t look like Vogue Spain. Good for them for trying something different but this really is a downgrade for them. Looks like the cover to one of the cheaper Vogues.”

“Oh, why?” cried narcyza, who went on to write, “Sigrid is [a] beautiful girl. This cover it’s just ugly!”

Creative certainly wasn’t feeling it: “Are they serious? Is this for real? It really doesn’t get any cheaper than this. What a vulgar and out of fashion cover. It’s so bad it hurts my eyes. Who thought it was a good idea? Yolanda Sacristán, leave Vogue Spain alone. OMG, this is a new low.”

But not everyone had a negative point of view. “It’s one of those covers that you either love, or hate! But I think they tried something different, and it works,” posted Miss Dalloway.

“I’m glad to see something a bit different from them, to be honest,” blueorchid noted in agreement.

Share your own opinion of Vogue Spain’s January 2015 cover inside the thread here.