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A Japanese Woman on Vogue Japan’s Front Cover, Finally! (Forum Buzz)

We have to hand it to Vogue Japan for finally delivering a cover with a Japanese native on its front cover. Rinko Kikuchi graces the magazine’s February 2015 issue, lensed by Tom Craig, showcasing a vibrant creation from Junya Watanabe. The team behind Vogue Japan must have been feeling the need for change as this is Craig’s first cover shoot for the publication. We often loathe when actresses take covers away from our beloved models, but on this one occasion, we welcome Rinko with open arms.

Vogue Japan February 2015 Tom Craig


But are our forum members impressed with the outcome? “Great to see they put a star on the cover, cool choice,” raves chanelh kicking us off on a positive note.

“Yay for someone Japanese on the cover of Vogue Japan!” credits A.D.C.

Also giving the cover some love is TheoG: “Love this! It’s the traditional Vogue Japan cover but I love Rinko, she should have got the February cover last year for her film Kumiko but I’ll take this.”

Starry posts, “I absolutely love this!!! So thrilled to see they put a Japanese celebrity on the cover! And she is wearing Junya freaking Watanabe!!!! I am so happy!”

“How fantastic! They don’t do many celeb covers, but this I like,” echos Miss Dalloway.

It wouldn’t be the forums if it weren’t for the diverse opinions of our members, however. “Even Vogue Japan is putting celebs on its covers. The end of the world is coming,” states an unimpressed Creative.

Gazebo even goes as far as to say, “Just shut down Vogue and let’s get it over with.”

Are you loving Vogue Japan’s February 2015 cover? Await the contents of the issue and join the discussion here.