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No Surprise Here: Karmen Pedaru Stars in Michael Kors’ Spring 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

Michael Kors sure does have his favorite campaign girls. Carmen Kass starred in the New York-based brand’s campaigns for nine consecutive seasons (and starred in many more before that). But since Spring 2011, Karmen Pedaru has been Kors’ model of choice. The usual concept of traveling luxury echoes throughout the designer’s new Spring 2015 fashion spots as the first image captures the Estonian beauty standing on a sailboat wearing a spectacular floral dress while looking out to sea — living the dream!

Ad Campaign Michael Kors Spring 2015 Mario Testino


Are Kors’ campaigns in need of a shake-up? Our forum members sure think so. “Eeecckk, I’m not sure. I like the look, but not the image. Hopefully the others will be better. Time for MK to get some new blood,” commented Benn98, who set a fire under the discussion.

“His collections have gotten better, but his campaigns are still rubbish,” added HeatherAnne.

Also sharing the same feelings was gossiping, who expressed, “This is so overdone now .. yawn!”

“That preview looks exactly the same [as] the previous campaigns with Carmen Kass,” noted burbuja8910.

“HATE IT. Not only am I terribly bored of Karmen for MK, but the ads could literally not be any more monotone season to season. But this shot is particularly unfortunate. The hair in the face, the ugly (and ill fitting?) dress, the awkward pose. Just no,” disapproved MyNameIs, clearly unimpressed with the fashion spots this time around.

But not everyone was completely dissatisfied. “This is fantastic! Hope the rest of the campaign is just as good!” raved justaguy.

Do you vote yes for change? Share your opinion with us inside the thread here.