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Gisele Bündchen Is Barefoot in Paris for the Chanel Spring 2015 Campaign (Forum Buzz)

We were first aware that Gisele Bündchen would be fronting Chanel’s mainline Spring 2015 campaign when Karl Lagerfeld was spotted shooting the Brazilian bombshell back in October. Chanel finally released the digital images via its website earlier today. The barefoot supermodel is captured by Lagerfeld at nightfall in Paris with a minimal amount of makeup and tied-back hair, with Carine Roitfeld on styling duties behind the scenes.

Ad Campaign Chanel Spring 2015 Gisele Bundchen


Forum members are currently expressing their feelings toward the campaign. “I’m happy that is Gisele fronting this campaign and not Cara or any other young girl, she brings a level of sophistication to the label that it desperately needed imo and so does the B&W,” raved kokobombon.

“Gisele makes Chanel fresh, chic,” added Nymphaea.

Ortemis was certainly an admirer and credited, “Better than anything from the last few seasons.”

“Karl needs to stop shooting the ads, he makes the clothes look like they’re from 20 years ago. This collection needed someone like David Sims or Craig McDean. Always happy to see Gisele, though,” shared a strong-minded Nepenthes.

But is Gisele truly a Chanel girl? She’s certainly bagged a lucrative Chanel campaign this year (No. 5 fragrance campaign, anyone?). “She looks terrible. I’ve never understood her as a Chanel girl,” disapproved jj36.

“I agree, she’s not a good Chanel girl, but I’ll take her over the hipsters, socialites and newbies we’ve seen over the past seasons. That said, I like the shots and the location, but Gisele looks BORED,” replied anlabe32.

Forum member gazebo soon came to Gisele’s defense: “How can you say she’s not a Chanel girl? Gisele is EVERY girl, she’s a chameleon and that’s why she’s No. 1. It’s the best Chanel ad in recent years, very straightforward and beautiful.”

Ad Campaign Chanel Spring 2015 Gisele Bundchen


Are you a fan of Gisele as the face of Chanel? See more campaign photos and join the discussion here.