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Mario Testino Fails to Capture Rosamund Pike in the Best Light for Vanity Fair (Forum Buzz)

Rejoice! That horrendous January cover of Vanity Fair with Bradley Cooper is about to disappear from newsstands as the magazine has just released its February 2015 cover via Facebook. Mario Testino photographed English actress Rosamund Pike, unfortunately failing to capture the Gone Girl actress in her best light. The cover is refreshing for a February issue, we’ll give it that, but something appears to be a little off. 

Vanity Fair February 2015 Rosamund Pike Mario Testino


Our forum members sure aren’t afraid to let us know how they’re feeling about the cover. “When even a beautiful subject like Rosamund can not be shown in her ‘best’ light by Testino, it’s truly time to take a damn break! What is this? She looks cross-eyed, weird angle, that no one can look good from, and horrible hair!” slammed Miss Dalloway.

“What a weird angle,” added Marc10.

“Beautiful woman, but this isn’t the best angle Mario has chosen,” responded Nymphaea.

Also in agreement was Melancholybaby: “When I watched Gone Girl, I was mesmerized by her presence on film, she looked like the most beautiful woman in the world. And here she is in front of Testino’s lens looking like this. Back in the days his main talent was making everyone he shot look glamorous, beautiful, desirable and now he has even lost that. Everything he does now is so two-dimensional, so flat, so fake and lifeless.”

“Yeah, how do you screw up a picture of a woman this beautiful? That aside, I would be thrilled to see Rosamund on every cover. She has been so underrated for so long and I am loving all the attention for her!” shared SallyAlbright.

TREVOFASHIONISTO didn’t admire the styling of the cover shoot and posted, “Such a dated look for her.”

What do you think of Rosamund’s cover of Vanity Fair? See a preview of the cover story and share your opinion with us here.