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ELLE Magazine Takes Lena Dunham in a Different Direction for Its February Cover (Forum Buzz)

ELLE deserves a round of applause for styling Lena Dunham in a different way for its annual “Women in TV” cover shoot. At first we were treated to a preview of the newsstand cover. Below is the cover for subscribers where the actress, star and creator of the hit HBO show Girls sports a black tee from Michael Stars and a necklace by Tiffany & Co, styled by Samira Nasr. Lena was captured by Paola Kudacki for both covers and also posed for a series of images inside the issue, available on newsstands January 13.

US Elle February 2015 Lena Dunham


Are our forum members pleased with ELLE‘s efforts this month? “It’s a pretty good cover, but I can’t really stand Lena anymore after all those weird stories about her so-called book,” posted [Piece Of Me]. Awkward.

“Ugh, she’s so creepy. Wish people would stop giving her covers,” commented SallyAlbright.

“I don’t like her at all, and I’m trying to figure out why. Is it OK that I can’t stand her or am I just jealous because she’s like the coolest thing ever and I’m not? Don’t know,” noted gazebo, who’s unable to fathom why Lena makes for an interesting cover subject.

Benn98 didn’t think the team achieved the best look for Lena, either: “I can’t stand her but I think it’s the first time her makeup looks OK. The hair of course is horrendous. I’m quite keen to hear what she has to say. Also, I notice they gave her an OG cover, instead of the usual multi TV-girl covers. I’d have preferred to get any of those other girls featured in that edit instead. Oh well.”

Also not amused was inwhiterooms, who simply stated, “This is such a bad cover.”

Is it truly that bad?

“Love her, love her book (which I read immediately and before the backlash — I didn’t find the controversial passages to be disturbing when I read it initially), and her show. Cover image is not horrible, but it’s bland and uninspired. Ah well, this is US ELLE after all,” declared KINGofVERSAILLES.

Do you think ELLE missed the mark with its February cover? Or is this the best you’ve seen Lena look? Share your opinion here.